Lactation Products and Consultancy Services

Expressly For Mums provides products and services to support your breastfeeding journey. Products include Nursicare Therapeutic Breast Pads, nipple shields, lactaids (and more). You can also rent Breast Pumps on a weekly or monthly basis. I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and offer a consultancy service.



Expressly For Mums

Nursicare Therapeutic Breast Pads

Individually wrapped sterile breast pads for sore and cracked nipples.

From $45.99


Expressly For Mums

Colostrum Collection Kits - Starter

For hand expressing in pregnancy. Total storage 23 mls, ideal if this is your first time collecting colostrum.

From $21.00


Expressly For Mums

Colostrum Collection Kits - Experienced

For hand expressing in pregnancy. Total storage 42 mls, ideal if you’ve expressed colostrum before.

From $25.00


Expressly For Mums

Homemade Lactaid Kit

Ideal for those who need to supplement their breastfed babies .

From $14.00


Breast Pumps


We have double or single electric, hospital-grade breast pumps for weekly or monthly rental.

Ardo Calypso and Unimom Forte (or Medela Symphony by arrangement)

  • Double kit $30/week (or $100 for a month)
  • Single kit $20/week (or $60 per month)

Plus $30 bond (refundable on return of all working, clean, dry parts to Expressly For Mums).


New Unimom and Ardo breast pumps. Electric, battery or manual. Comply with Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI).




Other Products

We have a range of other breastfeeding related products:

  • Contact nipple shields
  • Milk storage options
  • Heat packs
  • Silverette cups
  • Reusable breast pads


Wendy Pennell
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Registered Nurse

I've been a Lactation Consultant since 2010. Prior to that I was a community counsellor for 7 years. My consultations are based on the understanding that your breastfeeding challenges are unique to you and your concerns will be listened to and acknowledged. I'll provide support to meet your breastfeeding goals, whether that be full or partial breastfeeding.

Prevention is better than cure: If you are pregnant and have had previous breastfeeding challenges, I can provide you with a breastfeeding plan, so you can plan for a more positive breastfeeding experience.



Where do the consultations take place?

Consultations can be in-home or in-clinic.

Clinic consultations are held at Waihi Birthing Centre.

For in-home visits I mainly cover Hauraki District, Thames, Waihi Beach and Katikati, but can travel an hour from Waihi if you can’t make it to a clinic appointment (travel charges apply).

Do I need a referral from a Midwife, Well Child Provider or GP??

No, as this is a private service, you do not need a referral. Your health provider is welcome to refer you if they wish.


$85 for the first hour, then $70/hour.

In-home visits further than 15km incur a travel charge of $0.95/km.

Is government funding available?

No, as this is a private service – so you can self-refer.

Can I have a support person present at the consultation?

Absolutely. Your support people are important - they are welcome to attend your appointments.


We met Wendy when our son was 9 days old and struggling to feed. She came to see us straight away and was able to help put support in place for the thrush he had and the damage I had. We also put a plan in place for dealing with the tongue and lip restrictions he had.


Before we could get his tongue and lip tie appointment he started to struggle to stay latched and my supply dived. It was stressful but Wendy guided us calmly through it again. We started using Lactaid tubes and pumping and our son started to put weight on.

Wendy kept in touch with us throughout this intense period and was encouraging and supportive. We eventually had the lip tie and tongue tie addressed but our son still required support to get feeding established. With Wendy's guidance and help we got there. He has now been exclusively breastfed since he was 8 weeks old and is thriving.

We feel so incredibly thankful for the guidance Wendy was able to give us to get to where we are now. She is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive and helped us through a really challenging time.

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- CG November 2023

I got in contact with Wendy when my daughter was about 3 months old. We had been having huge problems with feeding since she was born and I was given excuse after excuse from other health care professionals.


I knew there was more going on and sought out help myself, which led me to Wendy. For the first time I not only felt heard, I knew that this was somebody that was genuinely wanting to help me.

Wendy asked me questions starting right back to the beginning of our journey. She explained why I was having trouble and helped me understand what was causing the problem. She also did a physical assessment and showed me what my daughter was struggling with and then told me what we were going to do to solve it.

My daughter had a tongue and lip tie, which 4 other nurses/midwives checked and missed!

Wendy then gave us some exercises and ways to help her feed better whilst we were waiting to have the release done. She helped us with aftercare following the procedure as well as continued support in the upcoming weeks.

Without sounding too dramatic, Wendy completely changed our lives. I was in a really bad place, being let down time and time again. Not knowing what was going on or what I was doing wrong. Especially as a first time mum. Not to mention my baby was exhausted!

She is 6 months old now and has gone from feeding 7- 8 hours in 24 hours, to around 1 and 1/2 hours in 24 hours. Her latch in completely different. And we are like new people!

I will forever be grateful for everything Wendy has done for us.

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- CN November 2022

I couldn't thank Wendy enough for what she has done for my daughter and I.


My daughter was born a healthy weight, 50th percentile. By twelve weeks she was so tiny she had reached the 2nd percentile line.

Feeding was awful. It was painful. My poor daughter was just hungry all the time, even though I was feeding constantly. Absolutely heart breaking.

So many medical professionals had taken a quick look in her mouth for ties, yet nothing was picked up on until I met Wendy when my daughter was twelve weeks old.

Three weeks after having the tongue and lip tie removed my supply was at a good level, my daughter was finally latching properly, and getting enough milk to keep her healthy.

Five months later my daughter is nine months old, exclusively breast fed and thriving. She is just above the 50th percentile line now, and I couldn't be happier where we in our breast feeding journey. No supply issues due to a bad latch. No pain. No weight issues. No more worrying about her getting a bit of a cold, incase she doesn't have enough fat on her to survive one.

I could not recommend Wendy enough if you are struggling with your breastfeeding journey. The ongoing support she offered was amazing, going out of her way to help. Very knowledgable, beautiful nature and a great person to deal with.

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- CM November 2022

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Expressly For Mums

Wendy Pennell